auxiliary track

This course track has been designed to ensure that Auxiliary Team Members at all levels of CAD/CAM experience, from zero to 10, will return with new knowledge and skill sets which they can put into practice immediately. The only requirements: 1) An enthusiam to learn and 2) a high level of engagement!


Breakout Session 1: Welcome to CEREC 4.4.4!

  • Tips and tricks with CEREC 4.4.4  Work Flow Efficiency
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Preventative Maintenance for a Healthy CEREC

Breakout Session 2: Custom Implant Abutments & Crowns, The Tibase Process Made Simple.

  • Breaking it Down: Custom Implant Abutments Using the Tibase Kit
  • TelioCad Provisional Abutment Blocks
  • Tibase: Implant Systems That Work and Those with Work Arounds

Breakout Session 3: So Many Blocks, So Little Time.

  • Block Selection: What, Where, When and Why
  • EMAX HT, LT and MT
  • CEREC Zirconia! The Process of Delivering Zirconia Chairside
  • Scan and Send: Large Span Bridges, Gold, PFM's w/Sirona Connect

Please see Owners Track for Day 2 course descriptions.