Discovery Track

If you believe that digital impressioning, in-office CAD/CAM or 3D CBCT is in your future, this course track was designed specifically with you in mind. Discover the incedible advancements in all 3 segments of technology first hand through thoughtful lecture, hands-on and group discussion. Learn from highly regarded experts in each field. Understand the digital restorative workflow from start to finish. Transform the way your patients experience dentistry, today!


Breakout Session 1:  First Impressions Are Everything, Make it a Digital One. (Hands-on)

  • An Overview of Digital Impressioning: Pros and Cons of Each Scanner
  • Learn Which Scanners are Certified to Scan for Invisalign, Clear Correct and Much More!
  • Which Scanner is Right for Me?: 101 Questions to Ask While You Shop
  • Understand Proper Scanning Technique
  • Learn Differents Ways to Achieve Proper Isolation
  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Time to Scan Each Other!
  • Scan and Send to the Lab or Scan, Design, and Mill. You Choose.
  • Understand the Benefits of Leveraging Digital Impressioning with Your Lab
  • Polish and Stain and Glaze the Most Widely Used Monolithic Materials Today

Breakout Session 2:  Is It Really as Good? Margins, Aestethics, Strength and Longevity (Hands-on)

  • Are CAD/CAM Margins as Good as My Lab? Scan Your Own Preps and You Be the Judge!
  • It's All About the Dentistry: Proper Prep Guidelines for Ceramic Dentistry, Lab or Chairside Made
  • Materials Make a Difference: A Comparison of Today's Most Widely Used Restorative Materials
  • To Bond or Not to Bond: Understand When You Can, Should and Perhaps Don't Have To

Breakout Session 3: Begin with the End in Mind, Restoratively Driven Implants from the Crown Down.

  • The Power of CAD/CAM and Cone Beam Integration
  • Why Are Custom Abutment/Implant Crowns so Expensive? Design and Mill Your Own for $180!
  • Airway: Definitive Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea
  • What Does a Closed System Really Mean?
  • 101 Questions to Ask When Searching for a Complete Solution for You, Your Team and Your Patients


Breakout Session 4: Love Zirconia? Love it Even More, Chairside! (Hands-on)

  • Clinical Results: Discover Why Labs Choose to Mill
  • Bring Your Own Cases: Scan, Design, Mill and Sinter. In One Visit.
  • Learn Polishing and Glazing Techniques for the Outcome You Desire

Breakout Session 5: Group Discussion and Q & A Panel