Front Office rocks

After managing two scratch fee-for-services practices, Laura Hatch knows what works and how to overcome every challenge within the dental office. Did you know that 78% of consumers bail on a purchase because of poor customer service? This includes the dental industry! Your patient's attitude toward the practice is based on their entire experience with you, from the first phone call through the checkout process, not on your dentistry skills.  

At FLD 2017, Laura will dive into communication and scheduling and their impact on your level of service, production, billing and overall office culture.  She will deliver her best-known methods for effective communication with patients, staff, and doctors, as well as the keys to productive scheduling within your practice. If you want more reviews, more referrals, and more new patients, it starts with delivering the ultimate customer service experience and making sure your staff is equipped with the tools for success to build a team and practice that rocks.


Breakout Session 1:  Communication is the Key, Build a Team that ROCKS.

  • Patient Communication: This is a people industry. Patients First.
  • Team Talk: How to communicate in a way that would build each other up as you work together to win as a team
  • Self Talk: ENGAGE! Be eager to adopt and learn new skills and processes for your own personal and professional growth!

Breakout Session 2:  From Schedule to Production, Build a Practice that ROCKS.

  • Scheduling for maximum efficiency and production.
  • Ways to help your clinical team win
  • Leveraging your Wow: How to maximize patient wow factor
  • Insurance billing: How to bill correctly to ensure patient accounts are paid on time

Breakout Session 3:  What Happens When You Let Go

Join Laura as she shares her recent journey in learning what happens when you let go.  Every office experiences challenges and potential set backs, but it is what you do with those challenges that makes the experience either positive or negative.  Laura and her office faced such a challenge. Hear from her what she faced, how she tackled the problem, and what lessons she learned before it was all said and done.