Owners Track

This course track is designed for new and veteran owners alike. As CERECers, you know better than most the dynamic nature of this amazing technology and the speed in which new materials and capabilities are developed. EMAX HT, CEREC Guide 2, Ortho 1.1, New Tibases, Celtra Duo, Chairside Zirconia, Premium SW, and so much more! You can be certain that the knowledge you will gain at FLD, both from your colleagues behind the podium and your peers seated next to you, will be well worth the time and tuition spent!


Breakout Session 1Materials, Choose Wisely

  • A Comparison of Today's Most Widely Used Restorative Materials
  • The Right Tool for the Right Job
  • Prep Design: Begin with the End in Mind
  • To Bond or Not to Bond: Know When You Can, Should and Don't Have To
  • Other Variables to Consider for the Best Restorative Outcome Possible

Breakout Session 2:  Well Beyond Single Unit Crowns

  • Custom Implant Abutments using Tibase: Breaking it Down
  • TelioCad Provisional Abutment Blocks
  • Tibase: Which Implant Systems Work and Which Have Work Arounds
  • CEREC Surgical Guide 2
  • Anterior and Posterior Bridges

Breakout Session 3:  Single and Multi-Unit Anteriors

  • Anterior Estethics Made Easy
  • Leveraging the EMAX MT Block
  • Matching Single Unit Anteriors
  • Multi-Unit Anterior Cases
  • One-Visit Smiles
  • Anterior Tips and Tricks
  • Before and After Photos
  • Leveraging Your Team



Breakout Session 4: Round Robin of All Materials Available

  • CEREC Zirconia: Polishing and Glazing Techniques
  • Celtra Duo: Polishing and Glazing Techniques
  • VITA: Polishing Enamic Temporary Hybrid Healing Abutment Crown, Characterization & Glazing of Triluxe Forte
  • EMAX HT: Characterization and Glazing Techniques

Breakout Session 5:  Tibase, Putting the Pieces Together from Start to Finish

  • Walk through each step in the Tibase process
  • Handling of Screw Retained EMAX Hybrid Abutment Crown
  • Screw Retained Hybrid Abutment w/Cement Retained Crowns
  • Walk through each step in designing and milling a CEREC Guide 2
  • Group Discussion and Peer Panel Q & A


Special Owners Breakout: 

*CEREC Ortho 1.1 SW Scanning Certification for Invisalign and ClearCorrect (Hands On) Receive Training & Certification Through Dr. Meena Barsoum, A Leading Trainer for CEREC Ortho SW. *Additional fee. Pre-registration required.